Barching - The cheap and efficient technique

The Motto

The main objective of using "Barching" (Barbarians and Archers) is to obtain easy loot within short intervals of time and without spending much.

In comparison to other strategies this is way more efficient and time saving.

The Army Composition

This is not a special technique which only high level players can use; it can be used by all players.

Troop and Minimum level Percentage and Total Cost(approx.)

Barbarians (Min. lvl. 4)

60% ~ 15,000*

Archers (Min. lvl. 4)

40% ~ 15,000*

Total Cost -

~ 30,000* Elixir

*[The price varies according to level of troops]

%[refers to percentage of that troop in your camps.]

The thing that matters is that the ratio of barbarians to archers remains 3: 2.

Optional Compositions

Some people also prefer to use:

1.Goblins - This is a good idea but only useful when going for deep attacks

2.Wall breakers - Not needed if you barbarians are above level 5 as they do the job without dying.

3.Minions - Don't have a special use but are used to fill up camps faster.

Preferable spells

1.Lightning spell - Useful if searching for Dark Elixir, just deploy them on a storage which looks full.

2.Healing spell - Useful in deep attacks, when the troops reach the centre of a base, deploying one of them will make your troops invincible against all defences except cannons (as they do high pinpoint damage)

3.Rage spell - Useful in deep attacks, when the troops reach the centre of a base, deploying one of them will virtually double the amounts of troops and will certainly kill everything in the range of the spell.

Heroes are entirely optional (but do help!)

How to raid

Prior to Battle

When the opposing player's village first appears, you get 30 seconds during which you can scout the enemy's defences and plan your attack. Although you can deploy troops during this time, the battle will start immediately upon doing so (you do not get extra time by starting early).

When viewing another player's village to raid, potential loot and Trophies that can be earned/lost are shown. Find bases which have over 80,000 gold and elixir (each). Also search for full collectors (Abandoned Bases). This can be identified by spotting a full box of gold in mines and a dark pink color of collectors. Dark elixirs have a small container at the left.

Also search for storage's which are only behind 1 or 2 layer(s) of walls. Remember, Clan troops will

not be an issue.

Starting the battle

Search for wizard towers and mortars which are easy to kill. Take not more than 15 troops to finish them.

If none are available, simply use 5 to 7 barbarians and 4 to 6 archers per building. This falls to half when using 3 to 4 goblins. When you have finished all external mines and collectors, check if there is appreciable available loot left. There should be a minimum of 100,000 total loot left as you are likely to use a healing or rage spell. Also check if you have at least half of your troops left.

If both things are checked and are in your favour. Deploy 20-25 barbarians along with king into the center of the base. Remember, all external buildings from one side have to be finished. When you think your troops are in a good position where loot/Town hall is accessible, use a healing/rage spell (each will work similar and well). Use Archer Queen after other troops (due to her relatively low hit points).

As you are now in the centre of the base, the mortars & wizard towers are likely to be killed. Now is a good time to use all left troops behind your hero(es).

Gaining and Losing Trophies

You are likely to get one star easily. (50% Mark)

The town hall will also be a piece of cake if using hero and one to two spell(s).

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